SPWC 2011 Street Performers at East Wall, Dublin



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Keep your eyes peeled for...

Dont forget there will be lots of extra things to do and performers to see while you meander your way throughout the festival. Be sure to keep an eye out for all of what you see below!

Buskers Stage at the Street Performance World Championships Dublin, Ireland

Busker's Stage

Check out some of Ireland’s best musicians, dancers, and all round entertainers at the Buskers Stage.
Dolores Delight SPWC 2013

Dolores Delight

A real life Jessica Rabbit who’ll knock your socks off with her unique style of rock ‘n roll attitude with ‘old school’ charm.
Gospel Choir

Gospel Choir

Described as “Ireland’s foremost gospel musicians”, do we need to say more....or are we just preaching to the Choir?!
Face Painters at the Street Performance World Championship 2013

Face Painters

Who in their right mind doesn’t want to be a lion for a day! Or a cat…pig…monkey??
Fuinneamh at SPWC 2013


Join in on some rockin’ rhythms on this 14ft diameter drum...no experience of drums is needed, its all about having fun!
Kids Court at SPWC 2013

Kid's Court

Where children rule the turf! Watch out parents, the kids might get their own back…
LAYAbout area at SPWC 2013

LAYAbout Area

Worn out already? Kids and parents alike can kick back and chill in the LAYAbout area. When the batteries are recharged, go for more!
Lost Kids at Street Performance World Chamionship 2013

Lost Kids

Get a ‘Laya Healthcare lost child’ number from our information points. This unique number will help the SPWC locate him/her should they go wandering.
Marie Antoinette at the Street Performance World Championship 2013

Marie Antoinette

A confection of 18th century decadence (in a giant powdered wig) coquettishly looking for suitors.
Playday at SPWC 2013


Hoola-hooping, pillow fighting, play-doughing, Dublin City Council’s Play Day is a massive hub of frivolous fun and arty-partying for all ages.
The Ballroom at the Ministry Of Silly Ideas (LHSPWC)

The Ballroom

You don’t need a sharp tuxedo or flowing gown to visit our Ballroom, the only thing mandatory is a BIG smile!
The Giant Seagulls SPWC 2013

The Giant Seagulls

They'll be causing chaos and squawking around the festival. Watch out for your ice-cream!
Woody Woodman at the LHSPWC 2013


Seeing is definitely beLEAFing with Woody Woodman, catch him around the festival, it would be ROOT not to!
Yukinko Akira - Rhythm Painter

Yukinko Akira - Rhythm Painter

Watch this crazy Rhythm Painter in action as he bops, yawps, whoops and gets down all while painting a one off master piece.
Mr. Balloonatic Preformer at LHSPWC 2013

Mr. Balloonatic

They will bend, twist and knot your children into weird and wonderful shapes... children, we mean balloons... for your children.
Maynooth Gospel Choir performing at LHSPWC 2013 on Saturday 13th July

Maynooth Gospel Choir

If music is food for the soul, you won't leave this year's festival hungry! Maynooth Gospel choir return to the festival on Saturday 13th July.

Dublin Community Circus

Want to be a street performer too? Get stilt-walking, juggling and hula hooping with the Dublin Community Circus